10 reasons to study in Barcelona

10 reasons to study in Barcelona

If you are thinking of studying in Barcelona, we are waiting for you. In our Barcelona student flats, we offer you ten reasons that have become unavoidable arguments to come and study in Barcelona.


Riding a balloon, planting a tree, going around the world... they say that this kind of thing should be done by anyone, at least once in a lifetime. We add, living for a long time, in a big city. Why not Barcelona?


Reasons to study in Barcelona


Wide educational offer:

In Barcelona there are 7 public universities and almost 20 private ones. The latest studies show that there are also many higher education centres that are among the best in the country. If you are concerned about the quality and prestige of your university or college career, there is no better reason to study in Barcelona.



No, we're not talking about its wonderful metro or railway network. We are talking about the fact that it is the gateway to Europe, and that, during your stay at the University of Barcelona, you can travel low-cost to any European city. 



Barcelona is an avant-garde and cosmopolitan city. Walking through its streets you will soon discover the different accents and languages of its inhabitants, who like you arrive, in many cases, from other countries. Barcelona has a hospitable character.


Mediterranean climate:

One of the most powerful reasons why Barcelona is chosen by thousands of university students who come from other cities is because of its mild climate, a climate that allows you to enjoy outdoor activities practically 365 days a year.


Cultural offerings:

We could not cover the cultural offer of Barcelona, although we dedicated two articles in our blog. There are many concert halls, theatres, cultural centres, exhibition halls and museums with works by great masters such as Picasso... To walk around Barcelona is to feel a living city, with a cultural wealth that can be breathed in every corner.




In recent years there have been many markets in Barcelona and it is not just to go and buy your student flat in Barcelona, which is also possible, but to go to the market is to go and have some beer and taste some tapas, a perfect plan for the weekends. There are options to suit all tastes and pockets. If you want to try out a market, go to the Santa Caterina Market and discover the magnitude of its transformation.



Barcelona is one of the favourite cities for university students from all over Europe. Enjoy the most alternative bars in the Borne, or the little terraces of the Gothic. If you prefer a big disco, a small jazz concert hall or a dance date, Barcelona offers alternatives for all tastes.



For many students, coming to study in Barcelona can be stressful. It's a big city, so you don't have to worry! Once you are settled in your student flat in Barcelona, you will realise that you already know the neighbourhood perfectly and that getting around the city is really easy with the metro, bus or bicing.


The Mediterranean diet:

The richness and diversity of the Mediterranean diet will captivate you during your stay in Barcelona, although you will also be able to try the cuisine of any part of the world without leaving the city due to the great variety of restaurants and the wide range of food on offer.


Low-cost trips:

Take advantage of the weekends to get to know the surroundings of Barcelona or take advantage of the low-cost flights that many airlines offer to different European cities.


Have we convinced you?

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