If you are one of those students who still do not have the reasons why they come to study in Barcelona, ​​do not worry, you are not the only one or the only one, because it is one of the most important and relevant decisions of your life, but When you read what we are going to tell you, we hope to clarify those doubts and that you come to study in this wonderful city that offers you a wide educational offer in its numerous universities and higher centers.

Although it is important to be clear about studying in Barcelona and where to study it, the university offer is so wide that you will hardly have to discard this city because you can not find the studies you are looking for; If we add to this numerous academic offer the avant-garde, cosmopolitan and innovative character of a city full of cultural and leisure activities, Barcelona becomes the perfect city for any university student.

Did we just convince you with these 10 reasons to study in Barcelona?

  1. For its university tradition. The University of Barcelona, was the first university in the city founded in 1450 and is among the top 100 universities in the world according to prestigious international rankings.
  2. For hospitality with international students. The student service departments are the best valued by those who arrive and manage to solve all their doubts and find that support and closeness so necessary when you move to a new city.
  3. For the quality of its academic offer. The majority of the qualifications of the Catalan university system are certified with the ISO quality standard.
  4. For the practical approach of the programs. Agreements with prestigious companies to be able to develop practical training.
  5. Due to the high degree of internationalization of its universities. In master's and degree studies.
  6. For the flexibility in the study plans. Thanks to the online study methodologies of most universities and higher education centers, which allow you to study whenever and wherever you want.
  7. For the excellence of its teachers. With a university research system of the most important in Europe.
  8. For innovation. With a renewal and continuous pedagogical training and its effort in the constant improvement of educational processes.
  9. For support services and equipment. Study rooms, public libraries in Barcelona, ​​language departments, modern sports facilities, job boards, etc.
  10. For the wide range of apartments for students in Barcelona. Modern buildings where you will find the comfort you need to feel at home.

Do you come to study in Barcelona?


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