3 frequently asked questions when you move to study in Barcelona

3 frequently asked questions when you move to study in Barcelona

The city has an open and hospitable character, and you breathe an international and cosmopolitan university atmosphere. Do not hesitate to choose it as one of your first options if you plan to study abroad during the next year.

Studying in Barcelona is fashionable, so if you also plan to come and study in Barcelona, ​​do not forget to read this article that will solve the 3 questions before starting your trip.


  1. Where to study in Barcelona?

Barcelona is the headquarters of some of the most prestigious and important universities, centers and business schools in Spain, and even in Europe. As far as universities are concerned, the references, or better known, are the University of Barcelona (UB), the Polytechnic of Catalonia (UPC), the Autonomous University (UAB) or the Pompeu Fabra (UPF).

There are also numerous business schools with international renown, such as ESADE.

These are just some examples, but in Barcelona you can find many more options depending on what you want to study.


  1. Where to live in Barcelona?

Due to the multitude of students who come to study in Barcelona, ​​in the city, you can find numerous accommodation options. Our student flats in Barcelona, ​​are the perfect choice for those who want to take advantage of their student stage outside their city to be more independent and responsible, but which in turn allows them to take advantage of free time to, for example, practice their favorite sport , get to know the city, or go out to dinner with friends.

You can also choose a student residence in Barcelona, ​​to live without worries during your entire stay.


  1. Do I need to know Catalan to study in Barcelona?

Whenever you travel to a city where you speak a language different from yours, it is best to have an open mind and take it as an opportunity to learn a new language because, if you learn Spanish, it will not be too hard to understand the Catalan. Many foreign students arrive in Barcelona and take advantage of the opportunity to learn Spanish and Catalan at the same time.

Answering the question of if you need to learn Catalan, only depending on the type of studies that you are going to take, you will be asked to know it, but most of the classes are taught in Spanish, and even in English.

However, there are many places where you can learn Catalan.


We hope to see you soon in this wonderful city!

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