3 keys to finding the ideal student flat in Barcelona

3 keys to finding the ideal student flat in Barcelona

The university cities, most important in Europe, such as Barcelona, ​​have the necessary infrastructure, so that students can experience the experience of studying outside their city, in numerous student apartments, designed exclusively for them.

Let's tell you the 3 keys to finding the ideal student flat in Barcelona!

  1. The best months to look for a student flat in Barcelona, ​​are the months of June and July, do not wait until September to find accommodation; the rents in Barcelona are in high demand, and it is probably too late to find a student flat in Barcelona where you feel at home.
  2. Find a map of Barcelona, ​​and decide which is the best or, the best areas to live. Choose if you want to live near your university or study center, or if, on the contrary, you prefer to live in the heart of the city. Moving in public transport in Barcelona is very convenient, so choose the option you choose, it will not cost you too much to move from your study center or university to your student apartment in Barcelona.
  3. Most of the rents have complicated conditions for students, with high initial disbursements, so it is very important to look for a student flat in Barcelona, ​​managed by professionals, in which the costs of electricity and water are included, and in the one that you have attention 24h. if any unforeseen event arises that you can not solve. Our shared flats in Barcelona have all-inclusive rates.

Having everything clear, make a list of the student flats that you like the most and close a visit; Without a doubt, that is the most important moment to make the final decision, since that is when you will be able to compare.

We encourage you to visit our student apartments in Barcelona, ​​all have the same equipment and services; you just have to choose the neighborhood of Barcelona that you like the most. We have a team that will accompany you at all times, from when you arrive at the airport, until you install and live in your shared apartment in Barcelona, ​​as we continue working every day to make you feel at home.

In addition, if you choose one of our student apartments in Barcelona, ​​an external cleaning company takes care of the cleaning so that you can spend your free time studying or doing what you like most.

Do you still have doubts?

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