3 Reasons why Erasmus students decide to study in Barcelona

More and more international students are choosing Barcelona as their destination for their Erasmus studies every year. Barcelona's universities appear at the top of some of the most recognized European rankings for students.

But besides this, did you know that Barcelona has other things to attract thousands of international students every year?

We told you! 

Erasmus students choose Barcelona to come and study their scholarship.

Young students who come to study Erasmus in Barcelona come from countries like Germany, Italy, France and England and many of them after doing the Erasmus fall in love with the city and decide to extend their stay to do their internship or even look for a job.

We tell you 3 reasons why Erasmus students come to study in Barcelona 

  1. The beaches of Barcelona

Barcelona's universities have a clear advantage over other Spanish universities, as they are just a few minutes away from the city's beach - there can be no better plan than to finish classes and go to the beach to sunbathe! There are plenty of bars on the promenade with lots of student atmosphere, guaranteeing you a fantastic stay in Barcelona. If we add to this the Mediterranean climate that Barcelona enjoys, with good weather almost 9 months a year, it becomes one of the favorite cities for Erasmus students. 

  1. It is a cosmopolitan and avant-garde city.

Barcelona is a modern city with a multitude of cultures living together in harmony, just as in our student flats, where students from different countries often live together; this makes anyone arriving from another country feel welcome.

Moreover, it is a city with a multitude of cultural attractions that you will not get tired of visiting. There are many free student tours where you can discover the different faces and stories of Barcelona. 

  1. The Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is, without a doubt, one of the most recognized and valued by international students, as well as by tourists and visitors who come to our country looking to eat well.

Although Barcelona is not one of the cheapest cities in Spain, there are still restaurants where students can eat healthy with menus between 12 and 15 euros, you just have to know how to find them! Escape from the more touristy neighbourhoods and look around your university campus. 

Moreover, in our student flats in Barcelona you have a fully equipped kitchen where you can experiment with typical dishes of Catalan gastronomy. 

If you are reading this article and are one of those undecided students who are not sure which city to choose for your Erasmus, we hope we have convinced you that Barcelona is your next destination. 

Take a look at our student flats in Barcelona to make it easy for you to find accommodation in the city.

 We are waiting for you!

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