3 very useful apps for students.

3 very useful apps for students.

When we talk about how to study better and be more efficient, we always stress that we must avoid the distractions that the mobile causes every minute, with the arrival of whatsapp and notifications that we cannot avoid watching when we hear the sound of them.

However, we can turn these devices into our allies if we use them correctly. Do you want to know how?

Discover the best student apps to download to your mobile right now.

Applications that will help you organize your studies, from taking and saving notes, to scheduling your study time, through the improvement of your concentration and your level of English, for example.

The best APP, and the simplest, to avoid interruptions and maintain concentration.

Focus To-Do

It is an application that is based on the technique of the already known Pomodoro. It consists of programming a task and assigning it a time. When you activate it, the clock begins to count; after 25 minutes an alarm sounds for you to take a 5-minute break. You can pause it, skip breaks or work continuously, according to your needs. It allows you to plan punctual or periodic tasks. The good thing is that it presents you with graphs with which you will see in a very simple way the time that you have dedicated to the study of each subject or to carry out each work. It is available in iOS and Android.

The best application to take notes.


One of the most downloaded and popular applications among college students, it allows you to take notes, insert notes and capture information in a variety of ways, whether written, through screen shots, voice notes, PDF, and many others. The combination of different formats we believe is the key to your success, as well as the ability to attach Office documents. With Evernote you will be able to organize all your documents and information, and you will be able to access them from your computer, mobile or tablet, since it allows the synchronization of the application in real time with all your devices.

The best for us? You can share everything you need online with the collegues of your student flat in Barcelona.

The bad? Evernote has a free version, but it's limited; there's a paid version. It's available on iOS, Android, MacOs and Windows.

The best language learning application


This is an application to learn or improve your language level designed for those who love online games. Little by little you learn different themes and you can choose themes, earning rewards. When you start, you do a level test and from it directs you to the optimal level to increase your knowledge.

What's best for us? It's free and, above all, it's fun. Only, as with most online games, to save lives or unlock levels you have to buy add-ons offered by the app. It'savailableon iOS and Android.

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