4 Fun ways to meet people in Barcelona

4 Fun ways to meet people in Barcelona

You can also be of those who alternate their student life in Barcelona with a job; this makes you have a frenetic pace of life and spend all day between college and work, so you find it difficult to meet new people outside those two sites.

Or maybe you're one of those who struggled to make the decision to come to study in Barcelona and you've found circles already created, which is difficult to integrate, and it costs you to join your plans.

What cannot be, is that you are those who spend the weekends locked or locked, watching the entire season of your favorite series, and waiting for Monday to go back to study and / or work, while your roommates in Barcelona do not stop making plans.
End of privacy! In Barcelona there are many ways to meet new people and make new friends, you just have to make it, and leave the season of your favorite series for another time.
Do you want to know them?

Practice group sports
There are many options in the city to practice your favorite group sport, groups of runnersschools of skating with habitual stays to know Barcelona on wheels, or, if you want to take advantage of the opportunity to live in a city with beach, you can inform yourself about the fun surfing or paddle surfing courses.

The theater is an opportunity to take away the shame and complexes
The links that are created in the scenarios are incredible! Take your comic or dramatic side and show what you're worth in some amateur theater group. In civic centers there are groups of several levels where you can try to get loose

Language Exchange
We always complain about not practicing the language we have spent so much time in learning. Now is your chance! Find a group or language exchange breaks and talk to interesting people while you practice it so you do not forget it.

Sign up for ballroom dancing
This discipline is becoming more fashionable, leaving behind dancing just like nobody is watching you. The good news is that you do not need a partner to sign up, and that the boys are more wanted than the girls; of these groups of dance end up forming groups of true friends who make many plans, beyond the dance.

Have you already chosen? The important thing is that you enjoy your choice.

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