4 tips to find a good gym in Barcelona

Exercising is always a good option, as it helps us disconnect from the routine and allows us to dedicate quality time to ourselves, benefiting our health and physical fitness.

Barcelona is a city that, thanks to its climate and geography, has many options for outdoor sports. Whether in adapted areas in parks, or running along Avenida Diagonal, you will never be out of options to do some exercise.

However, it is true that for all those who are looking for superior equipment, and want professional advice, dedicated facilities and guided activities, joining a gym is the best option to do some sport, maintain a good physical condition and have a healthier life.

What are the most popular gyms in Barcelona?

Barcelona is full of gyms and sports centers, so whichever apartment at Pisos Estudiantes Barcelona you stay in, you will always find a gym near you.

These are some of the gyms with the largest presence in the city, but remember that there are many other options. Below we explain the main factors to choose the best option.

  • DiR (average price and large number of centers, you will always have one next to you)
  • Metropolitan (great variety of centers, with Premium facilities and services)
  • Holmes Place (central location and good facilities)
  • McFit (low cost)
  • Snap Fitness (open 24 hours)
  • AnyTime Fitness (open 24 hours)

What is the most appropriate gym for me?

When choosing a gym you must consider different aspects to make your choice right. Below, we have listed the main points to consider in order to know which is the best option for you:

  1. Location

Making the decision to go out from bed to do sport is not always an easy decision, so our recommendation is that going to the gym should be as easy as possible. Whether it's close to home, work, or your university, not having to spend time going to the gym will make it a bit easier. There are gyms like DiR, Metropolitan, Snap Fitness or Holmes Place, which have different centers distributed throughout the city, so they may be a good option to have a gym always available next to you.

  1. Rates

Another very important aspect is the monthly fees and the cost of registration, since the price difference between low-cost gyms and those considered Premium category can be very big. Always find out about all associated costs and current promotions, as they can help you get a more attractive and affordable rates.

  1. Opening hours

Do you have a very busy day and can't find any time to go to the gym before its closing time? That’s ok since there are gyms that are open 24 hours a day, so that whatever your Schedule is, is fine, because you can go at any time.

  1. Equipment and facilities

Finally, it is extremely important that you inform yourself carefully about the equipment and facilities of the gym. Surely all of them will have a fitness room and equipment for cardiovascular work, but others have tennis courts, paddle courts, swimming pools, spa areas and even offer beauty and restaurant services for their clients.

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