5 powerful reasons to study Erasmus in Barcelona (Part 1)

5 powerful reasons to study Erasmus in Barcelona (Part 1)

If Barcelona, it is a possibility, among those options that your university gives you, read this article carefully, we assure you that doubts will disappear, in case you have them,  because Barcelona is a unique and fantastic destination to come to study.

Here you have, our 5 powerful reasons:

The size of the city and its good accessibility.

This reason that we have decided to put in the first position, is one of the most important reasons for the majority of students who decide to study Erasmus; some of them try to avoid small cities because they can be boring, or are often badly connected to return home, and others reject large cities to avoid feeling lost among many people, and invest too much time in moving from their apartment from student, to university. Neither of these two things will happen to you in Barcelona, ​​because it has a perfect size; the average in moving from one place to another in the city, by public transport, will be 10 minutes, and in which your international airport will allow you fly home in direct flight, in most cases.

The Mediterranean climate.

If there is anything that Barcelona can boast, it is of its Mediterranean climate. The average annual temperature is 15 - 17 º C. In winter it is not usually lower than 5 º C, and in summer, the average is about 25 º C. What does this mean? Well, this city allows you to enjoy, all year round, pleasant walks without freezing cold or melting heat; And since rain is not common here, we suggest using the bicycle as a means of transport. Foreign students who have already come to study in Barcelona, ​​value in a very positive way the climate of the city.

Mediterranean diet

Students' cooking skills, in general, appear when pasta is cooked, but if you cook it seven days a week, perhaps that moment will come when you want to go out and try something different. What do you want? You can choose what you like most, because the gastronomic diversity offered by Barcelona and a big number of restaurants with menus based on our Mediterranean diet, offer a range of possibilities to eat well and healthy and for all budgets, if you are patient and looking all right.


You want to know more? Wait to read our article next week, to put the "x" in the box of your Erasmus application in Barcelona.

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