5 reason to study in Barcelona

Studying in another city or country is one of the most incredible and unique experiences in life, and if you come to study in Barcelona, it can still be better!

From student apartments in Barcelona, we will tell you what, for us, are the 6 main reasons why you should come to study in Barcelona.

Study in Barcelona

  1. A great University city.

The university tradition of Barcelona is one of the main reasons to study in Barcelona. It is a city with a great attraction for students from other cities in Spain and Europe.

The University of Barcelona, which is the main university in the city, appears among the 100 best universities in the world according to prestigious rankings, which is why it not only attracts students, but also the best university professors in Europe, strengthening its prestige.

Coming to study in Barcelona is currently one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life, as this city has been a reference point for more than 500 years, specifically since the creation of the University of Barcelona in 1450.

  1. Cultural diversity.

Barcelona is probably the Spanish city that hosts the largest number of different cultures from around the world. Thousands of people come from different cities and countries to study or live in the city.

One of the advantages of living in a city with a great cultural diversity is that many languages are practiced. Not only Spanish and Catalan. English, Italian, French, German, etc.

Our student apartments in Barcelona welcome more and more students every year from other countries around the world, so you will live in a multicultural and very enriching atmosphere all year round.

  1. For the wide range of student apartments.

Although it may seem like a minor reason, it is not. In many cities it is not an easy task to find a welcoming apartment, where you feel at home makes you like the city more.

University students in Barcelona need moments of tranquility, and student accommodation that meets your needs is essential.

Barcelona is a city on the cutting edge, and on our website you will find student apartments of all types to suit the needs of any student. 

  1. Weather.

Barcelona's Mediterranean climate is not too hot in the summer and its mild winters attract a large number of international students, especially from northern European countries, who want to enjoy a pleasant temperature all year round.

  1. Great accessibility from other countries.

Barcelona is located in a strategic place, at the southern gateway to Europe, which is very close to many destinations that are sure to catch your eye, since traveling to these places is less expensive than from other cities.

Paris and Madrid are wonderful cities to visit and are one hour and a half and one hour respectively from Barcelona by plane, and are also accessible by car.

If, after reading this article, you have decided that you want to come and study in Barcelona, take a look at our student apartments in Barcelona and choose the one that will be your home in the next few months.
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