5 Tips for Living in a Shared Apartment Room

5 Tips for Living in a Shared Apartment Room

Foreign students who decide to come and study in Barcelona choose to share an apartment, as one of the preferred options when looking for accommodation in Barcelona. The price of rents has made the profile of people looking for a flatmate very varied, not only is the preferred option of students, there are also profiles such as young researchers, interns, but also independent people who have to move to Barcelona for professional reasons.

Living in a room in a shared flat in Barcelona can be one of the best experiences of your life, but it can also be complicated. Living together is not easy, you have to see each other every day, everyone has their own hobbies and their own way of doing things, which is why it is essential to maintain order so as not to turn your independence into a negative experience.

Find below 5 tips for living in a room in a shared flat and boast of independence.

5 tips for living in a shared flat

Living together is complicated, which is why our shared student flats in Barcelona have ample and comfortable common spaces that invite you to share conversations and dialogues in order to get to know your fellow students and understand their way of understanding life. In the penthouse with terrace of Robrenyo's apartment, you will feel like having a cup of coffee or tea, even with whomever you have the least connection.

Cleanliness is often one of the most difficult issues to come to terms with; everyone has different cleaning habits. That's why, in our student flats in Barcelona, we provide you with a professional cleaning service once a week, both in the common areas and in your own room.

I have to make lunch and dinner: draw up a shopping list and locate the neighbourhood supermarket. We provide you with a large kitchen, with everything you need, so that you can become the chef of your student flat in Barcelona. If you lack imagination, visit the gastronomy section of our blog, where we propose easy but delicious recipes.

Small arrangements such as changing a light bulb or knowing who to turn to when a faucet breaks is something you won't have to worry about in our student flats in Barcelona, as we have a maintenance service for all the unexpected. You only have to call for and we send our technician to repair what has been damaged.

Living in a room in a shared flat will make you live unforgettable moments and meet other students who are going to become friends for your whole life, but for that you will have to learn to live together.

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