5 tips for studying in summer, with the beach 10 minutes away

5 tips for studying in summer, with the beach 10 minutes away

The goal of any student is to pass everything in June and spend the summer with the only concern of whether I go to the beach in the morning, in the afternoon or if I take the lunch and spend all day there. However, not all students achieve their goal and have to study in summer, with the beach 10 minutes from their student flat in Barcelona.

After the initial annoyance when I found out that the mark of that exam that you didn't know if you would pass, is a suspense, everything returns to calm and you have no choice but to organize your study time during the summer in order to pass in September.

We are not going to lie to you, studying in summer costs even more than during the university course. The good weather, the long days, the beaches of Barcelona, the friends planning getaways every weekend, etc... makes you test your willpower to say the phrase that no student in summer would want to pronounce: "I can't go, I have to study".

We have good news! Don't say that phrase every time a plan is proposed to you, combine leisure and study, and it will be the perfect technique to study in summer and pass in September, even, you can take a mini-vacation!

Having a few days of not thinking about anything but enjoying the sun, the terraces and not looking at the clock, is healthy to resume the days of study in summer with more desire!

Here are 5 tips that can help you organize your summer study days:

1. Decorate your writing desk with colour and motivation

Who is not happy with the colour and the motivating messages that keep us in front of the writing desk for hours?  Surely you have a stationery shop next to your student flat in Barcelona where you can find new and colourful material that will cheer you up during your summer study days. Turn on the printer and print the photos you like the most and put those messages that are going to make you smile every time you lift your head from the computer and read them.

2. Weekly calendar

Instead of organizing yourself with a table in which every day you see everything you have to do until the day of the exam, try to modify it weekly and add a specific timetable. Download any template or model, there are many websites that have some already customized.

Leave weekends and Friday nights free, this will help you focus your efforts during the week and feel within the same dynamic as during the course.

3. Eat fresh and light and drink plenty of water

A good salmorejo, an appetizing summer salad, a natural fruit ice cream, a pineapple milkshake, a yoghurt fresh from the fridge, coffee with ice for the second ten-minute break.

Your diet should accompany not only this time of year but should remain in the same line throughout the year, to have at all times your active neurons and your strong body.

The human being has to drink an average of two liters of water a day and in summer this amount should increase due to dehydration by heat. Get used to always carrying a bottle of fresh water in your backpack.

4. Awareness to your friends and family that you have to study

This is very important. Make your environment aware that you have to study, tell them about your schedule and ask them to respect it and not insist and you have decided not to participate in any plan.

5. Study with friends

Studying alone (or alone) is very boring and even more so in summer. A good motivation is to prepare a weekly review afternoon with your university classmates who also have to continue studying in summer.

As you have seen, if you give a return to the way of studying, taking advantage of the good weather that brings the summer, sharing a little more study moments, separating well and taking advantage of the moments of rest and fun is a good way to face with greater motivation the days of study and heat.

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