5 tips to successfully start your new university year in Barcelona

5 tips to successfully start your new university year in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city at the forefront of education, with some of the best universities in Europe and a wide range of high-level business schools. If this year you have come to study in Barcelona, we leave you with 5 tips to successfully start your new university year in Barcelona.

Starting a university is an important change of life, and if you do it in a different city or country, even more so. Living away from home, away from your family and lifelong friends, means leaving your comfort zone.

These first few months, you will meet new classmates in your student flat in Barcelona, you will make new friends, you will develop in a neighborhood where everything is new, from the supermarket to the gym, in short, you will face a new university course that is both disturbing and exciting.  

Don't worry, even if it seems impossible to you now, surely reality surpasses fiction, and everything is much better than you imagine now. Read on and successfully begin your new university year in Barcelona.

Organize the first days of your university year in Barcelona

Take advantage of the first few days before starting university in Barcelona to do tourism and get to know the city: everything is new for you now, so it's important to take advantage of your free time to settle in your new neighbourhood and city. Take a walk, get to know and discover all the emblematic places of this fantastic city at the forefront of culture and leisure. Take advantage of this opportunity to find out how to get around by public transport in Barcelona.

Get a good diary: digital or on paper like all life. Get used to keeping a record of all the tasks on the calendar, as well as the deadlines for papers and exams. This way, you'll avoid last-minute scares. A good organization in your first year of college is essential to successfully complete it.

Attend all classes: Believe it or not, all classes are important, there are no classes you can afford not to attend. It is a recommendation to organize in the best possible way all your teaching hours, and the time you will have to dedicate to each one of them, in your student flat in Barcelona or in the library, after the university.  Everything you do during the course will be time saved when you have to take an exam.

Practice a sport in Barcelona: the city lends itself to the practice of any sport, especially outdoors, because good weather prevails for most of the year, and if you prefer to go to the gym, surely there is more than one in your new neighborhood or near the university to which you can sign up to practice the sport you want. Playing sports will keep you active and help you disconnect.

Meet your new friends: this is one of the keys to remembering this new year as an unforgettable experience. Sharing a student flat in Barcelona will make this task easier for you, as you will live for many hours with people who will become very important in your life, when this first university year ends outside your city.

And, keep in touch with your family: share with them everything that happens to you in this new stage of your life, they will surely miss you a lot; you can also invite them to get to know your new city and organize their first trip on the next bank holiday. It's a wonderful plan and it will fill you with energy to continue this experience! 

Welcome and welcome!

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