7 advantages of sharing a flat in Barcelona

7 advantages of sharing a flat in Barcelona

If you are in that exciting and decisive moment of your life where you are going to study at the University, and you are looking for accommodation to study outside your city, know the advantages of sharing an apartment in Barcelona. Choose a cosmopolitan, avant-garde city, with some of the best rated universities in prestigious rankings, and with an incredible climate throughout the year!

The most important university cities in Europe, such as Barcelona, have the necessary conditions for university students to enjoy the experience of studying outside their city; they have numerous student flats, adapted to them and their circumstances.

We do not want to generalize, but in many cases, university students who decide to study away from home, make an important economic effort during those years, choosing prestigious universities to achieve a high level of education, if we add to that the rent of a house, many of you ask the following question: I am a foreign student, can I work while studying abroad? because most university students combine their studies with a job, to cope with all the expenses of this stage.

Therefore, if you are looking for a student flat in Barcelona, we would like to tell you about 7 advantages for choosing this type of accommodation for university students.

  1. You will learn to share: if you have brothers and sisters, you will already know what we are talking about, but there are a multitude of other advantages of living with other students who are not your brothers, with notable differences in the degree of confidence.
  2. Expenses are also shared: this will allow you to devote a larger part of your budget to going out to dinner, going to the gym or signing up to learn that language you always have pending. Make sure from the beginning that you share the expenses to avoid problems and misunderstandings with your classmates in your student flat in Barcelona.
  3. That feeling of freedom that you like so much: leaving Mom and Dad's house can be scary, but in a short time you'll have that feeling of freedom that you'll never want to give up.
  4. Safety is important: knowing that there is someone at home is something you need when you are not in your home town and it will allow you to live the experience with peace of mind.
  5. You will learn to organize yourself better: sharing a flat force you to organize yourself to clean up, take out the garbage, etc. And although in our student flats in Barcelona, we make it very easy for you to organize, we recommend you take turns organizing what is not organized by us.
  6. You will meet interesting people with whom you can make plans such as travelling, going out for a beer or, go dancing!
  7. You will get to know other cultures: Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city that welcomes students of all nationalities, it is very likely that you will share an apartment with one of them and end up knowing more about their country and culture.
Are you clear now? Discover our student flats in Barcelona and choose the one that best suits your new life as a university student in Barcelona.
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