A good plan for Halloween: the ghost tour

A good plan for Halloween: the ghost tour

If the typical costume party they have to be scary but the reality is that it is not scary at all, it's not your plan for this Halloween, we suggest you do the ghost tour.
It is a night tour, two hours walk away, with ghost stories in Barcelona. Do you want to know more? Are you curious? Be careful!

What the streets of Barcelona hide when night falls? Discover the darkest and dread side of the city, paranormal mysteries of the city from the hand of an expert guide who accompanied by a lantern and claiming to be Fra Gari, hermit ninth century and the unfortunate protagonist of which, they say, is best known legend of Catalonia.

During the route, the neighborhoods of Santa Caterina, Sant Pere Ribera and visited. The route is based on the book by Sylvia Lagarda-Mata Fantasmes of Barcelona and mysterious and terrifying stories that have passed since very early times in certain places of these neighborhoods are counted. There were and perhaps still exist witchcraft, exorcism, bewitched convents and records of ghostly apparitions in the streets through which the route is developed. Those who dare will discover a mysterious, fun and enjoyable everything that was happening there way.

It is important to know that this route is not suitable for everyone, just for those who want to experience live and direct, that is fear.

Dusk is the best time to start this route and if it coincides with Halloween, everything becomes more real, if possible, so there are two special passes of the route, the 31st at 19:30 and day 1 at 18.00.

You can find entries from 10 € in Atrápalo.

Leave your sofa student apartment in Barcelona and you see strolling through a hidden city known ghosts of Barcelona. One night you'll never forget and will forever mark your memories of Barcelona.
You dare?

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