A Little bit of culture if just arrived!

A Little bit of culture if just arrived!

Well, get a little bit of culture of the new city, is now free, or almost free, so, you will actually pay the guide according to your budget and satisfaction, something we think is just great. And, thanks, among others, two companies that offer different guided city tours can get close to the origins and curiosities of Barcelona.

The first http://www.toursgratis.com not only offers guided tours of Barcelona, ​​but for many other cities in Europe, so this information will be very useful if you are planning a trip with your roommates; but that will come later… In Barcelona, ​​they offer two tours, the Tour of the Old Town and the Tour of Modernist Barcelona Gaudi. You just have to decide that you want to find out earlier if the most secret and hidden from the old town or meet the constructions of this genius who impregnated with his peculiar style places throughout the city; I did not lose either. It is very important to know that the tours are in Spanish.

The other option is http://www.neweuropetours.eu they are well known worldwide, as are the pioneers of the free tours. In Barcelona offer tours not only walk, but also by bicycle, and have “Tapas” tour you should not miss never. Their guides are reputed to be unforgettable and tours are conducted while rain or shine, come out looking good! With them, you can also choose the language, either English or Spanish.

Take this information not only to get closer to the origins of the city where you moved to live, but also to go out your student flat and meet more people, like you, just come to live in Barcelona and which it has much in common with you.

Any opportunity is good when you are new to a city to meet people and if you also learn new things, its fantastic!

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