“A palo seco” and “Salvarse por los pelos”

“A palo seco” and “Salvarse por los pelos”

For this reason you can find a category in our blog, which we have called: "Know the language" with many articles that will be very fun to read and you will discover expressions such as: “cantar las cuarenta”, “estar a dos velas” o  “se te va la pinza”, these are expressions totally alien to mathematics, so the sum of the words are not the result of their meaning, and its meaning goes far beyond this exact science, read and you will see!

Knowing this type of expression is fundamental to make sure that you understand perfectly a conversation of your flatmates in Barcelona and you do not look like poker when any of these phrases appear suddenly.

Actually there are expressions that can be very funny, they happen in all languages, although in Spain they are much more frequent, and if not, observe this example: while in Spain we say when it rains a lot " expression "rain cats and dogs".

Well, like every week, we will know two more expressions that affect our language:

“ A palo seco”

This expression we use when we eat or drink something without accompanying some other ingredient that always accompanies it. The clearest example we have when we drink a drink, which normally carries a type of alcohol and a soda, if you drink alcohol alone, without the soda, you are going to say that you are drinking "dry." This expression that we now use in the culinary sector, actually comes from the naval sector, and was used when the ships sailed without extending the sails in the middle of a storm.


"Salvarse por los pelos"

Another expression that comes from the naval sector, from those sailors who could not swim and that if they fell to the water their hair could serve as a point of support to save themselves. Today we use it to express that we have saved something or we have done some action for a little. With these examples you will understand much better and you will know in what kind of conversations can appear: I caught the train by the hair, it means that it was about to leave when you arrived and you have mounted, or I passed the examination by the hair which means that if you needed a 5 to approve it, it is that note that you have been given.

Become a regular in our section and learn everything our language hides!

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