Are you coming from Erasmus to Barcelona?

Are you coming from Erasmus to Barcelona?

When you live outside your city or country, your perspective changes, they say that you stop thinking like you did and that your life changes, for sure!

From student flats in Barcelona, we encourage you to apply for an Erasmus scholarship to come and study in Barcelona and live an experience you will never forget.

If you come to study an Erasmus in Barcelona, you will be surprised as words that probably don't sound at all like "pan tumaca". In a few years, you will have memories of one of the best times of your life, and you will go to the supermarket to buy bread, tomato and olive oil to remember the flavour of the "pan tumaca" or you will go to the internet to look for the best shop of Catalan products so that they will send you a Catalan sausage that will transport you to the flavours of Barcelona.

Erasmus starts right at the moment you decide to do it. One of the main reasons students decide to leave Erasmus is language. Living independently in a foreign country is the best and hardest way to learn a new language.

Once you have made the decision to study abroad with an Erasmus scholarship, you have to choose your destination. Your university will offer you a list of destinations and universities with which it has signed an agreement, but you must choose those that fit your current needs or professional expectations. Avoid choosing a destination where you speak a language that you already speak or another language that will not serve you in the future.

Barcelona is an avant-garde and cosmopolitan city, it is one of the favourite cities for thousands of European students who decide to study an Erasmus. The most powerful reasons are: the quality and prestige of its universities, the Mediterranean diet, the climate, the beach and ...our cozy student flats in Barcelona.

Once you have chosen Barcelona for your Erasmus, comes the most boring part of the process: the paperwork. Keep in mind that you will have to present your English qualifications, transcript, motivation letter, etc... So, if you are planning to live this experience, don't waste time and start compiling them.

Once the most bureaucratic part of the process is over, it's time to find accommodation for students in Barcelona. Here we can help you, visit our student flats and choose the one you like the most or the one that is best located with respect to the university or study centre. All our student flats in Barcelona are located in the center of the city.

When the date is approaching you will think about everything you have to put in your suitcase and when you get on the plane, you will ask yourself questions like this: Have I made the right decision? Am I mistaken? Don't get overwhelmed, you are making one of the best decisions of your life.

The months that the Erasmus lasts give for a lot, you will meet people, you will visit cities and countries that you did not know, you will try new flavors, and, above all, you will know yourself (or yourself). 

We are waiting for you!

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