Christmas shopping: ready, steady, go! Black Friday and Cybermonday

Christmas shopping: ready, steady, go! Black Friday and Cybermonday

The crisis sharpens the wit, and these last years of economic recession in Spain caused that many shops looked for new ideas to sell their products; The "Black Friday" was not an innovative idea, because it was nothing more than a copy of a practice that had been in the United States for a long time. The Americans put this name on the Friday after the "Thanksgiving" day that takes place the fourth Thursday of November, to activate promotions and discounts that stimulate consumption at the beginning of the Christmas period, in which, tradition itself is a time of massive purchase, with the gifts of Santa Claus or the “Reyes Magos”, here in Spain.

And so in 2010, we began to hear that on a Friday in November, the Apple company would have 10% discounts on their products, something unusual in their sales policy; and the owners of the Spanish stores, also heard that this sales maneuver,  raise the company's revenues even more, due to high sales volumes in this single day of discounts. The following year, shops and stores in Spain, especially those that have online sales, began to send to their customer databases and to spread their social networks, which would have great promotions and discounts, only if you bought online and during that day, called "Black Friday".

This practice, which changed the red numbers of this type of business to blacks, perhaps that is why it has this name, was spreading and diversifying and Cybermonday was born, for products exclusively electronic or related to technology; with Amazon leading the way, this day offered huge discounts on its flagship product at that time, Kindle or e-book, with a great reception in the market that raised its sales by more than 5%.

This campaign so profitable influenced so much to the Spanish commerce, that today, rare is the one that does not have some discount or promotion for this next 25th of November, stores of clothes, cars, furniture, of anything that you can imagine takes advantage to this opportunity to open the Christmas holiday shopping season, some even extend it throughout the weekend and includes the "Cyber Monday" that is increasingly losing its electronic essence.

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