Citylife Barcelona

Citylife Barcelona

When you first arrive in a new city, it is not always easy to get into a circle of friends. Your roommates will be your first acquaintances in the city and a great support throughout your stay. Also your college buddies ... But do you imagine having a friend who always proposes fun plans, which also allow you to meet other students like you? Let us introduce you Citylife Barcelona;)

Without any doubt, traveling to study abroad is one of the best experiences that anyone can live. Knowing a new city, making new friends ... If you are in the process of planning your trip you are surely living a mixture of emotion for everything that you are going to live and nerves for the possible inconveniences that you can find and how to solve them.

We recommend that you count on Citylife Barcelona, a company formed by young people from different parts of the world who, like you, have already had the experience of spending a season away from home.

Once you arrive, they will help you with the most elementary procedures such as opening a bank account, hiring a telephone company or enrolling in the city's population register (padrón). In addition, they will give you totally free of charge a "Barcelona starter pack" with a lot of items ... take a look: https://www.citylifebarcelona.com/getting-settled-barcelona/barcelona-starter-pack/

They also organize activities for international students in Barcelona, so, in addition to guaranteeing the best plan, you can meet other students and integrate quickly into the life of Barcelona. Do not miss every Monday the meet & dance meeting to meet people while you enjoy a dance class. And if you have two left feet and prefer to avoid showing it in public, join the "meet & speak" where you can practice languages with international students. We also recommend that you sign up for one of the free city tours they offer.

And if you are a traveler student and want to take advantage of weekends and holidays to know other destinations near Barcelona, check out the upcoming trips that are organizing https://www.lifelifebarcelona.com/trips/. A great plan at a fantastic price.

At last: Enjoy Barcelona!!!

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