Cleaning in shared apartments for students

Cleaning in shared apartments for students

To avoid spending your days cleaning, or putting up with the quarrels of your roommates, always remember this maxim of cleanliness: it is not cleaner than the cleanest, but the least dirty. It is a very true phrase, especially on student floors! So you know, although we know that life stains, try to stain as little as possible and so you can spend more time to things much more fun.


Here are some tips to clean the house becomes a secondary task, because you have not allowed to get dirty in excess:


- First of all, you should share the housework among all. Doing a quadrant of the tasks, for example, can be very useful.


- Do not store plates, glasses, pots or pans after cooking and eating. If you do not clean it immediately after using it, the kitchen will always be dirty, your colleagues may need it, and besides, the longer you wait to clean it, the more food will dry and the harder it will be to scrub it.


- You will be able to avoid that it deteriorates and soils the screen of the shower, if you take advantage of the steam of the water of the hot shower to clean it. Before leaving the shower, remove the drops from the screen with a glass cleaner squeegee and it will always be impeccable. Remember also to remove the hairs and rinse the shower so that your roommate can find it as you have liked to find it.


- The roll of absorbent paper should always be present in the kitchen, since you will quickly clean up what has been spilled.


- You can also use different items so that there are no stains on the tables and shelves, such as place mats or trays that you will find among the equipment in the kitchen of your student flat.


- In addition, it is worthwhile that you roam the rooms frequently, since you will avoid accumulations of dirt.


- On the other hand, we advise you not to skimp on quality cleaning products. You already know that the cheap tends to be expensive.


- Finally, when you wash your clothes, remember to remove it from the dryer when it is still hot. If you fold it immediately after finishing the drying program you will avoid having to iron (or always go wrinkled). Especially useful for bedding.


In short, they are useful tricks so that cleaning the house does not take away too much time. In these tasks of prevention of dirt, it is essential that you cooperate the roommates.

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