Complete guide for hosting Erasmus students in Barcelona

Complete guide for hosting Erasmus students in Barcelona

The first thing you have to take into account, when you arrive from another country to study in Spain, are the legal procedures for an Erasmus student in Barcelona.

You already have a place at a university or business school in Barcelona, ​​but do not buy the plane ticket until you are sure, at least, that you can carry out these administrative procedures, essential for anyone:

If your nationality is that of a member country of the European Union, you will only need to obtain your Foreign Identity Number (NIE) to be able to stay more than three months in Spain. To process this document you will need to gather the following:

2 copies of the registration form (EX18).

Passport or identity document of your country: original plus photocopy (make sure they are valid and not expired)

Original and copy of the registration of your studies or the letter of admission to the University or Center

The medical insurance

A sworn statement that you have sufficient financial resources during your stay in Barcelona

You can process it at any police station in Barcelona.

If, on the contrary, you come from a country outside the European Union, you need a visa upon arrival or, within 90 days of your arrival. There are two types of visa, Student or Work Visa. You will have to process this visa at the Spanish consulate of your country of origin.

How to move around Barcelona?

The public transport network in Barcelona is very wide and that will make it very easy and comfortable to move around the city and its surroundings.

In addition to move in metro and bus, in Barcelona there is a tram that goes through the Diagonal and takes you to nearby cities. If you are a lover of two wheels, Bicing will be the best option to move around the city that is full of bike lanes.

If you want more information, here we leave an article that we wrote some time ago about how to move on public transport in Barcelona.

Search accommodation for Erasmus students in Barcelona

Our student apartments in Barcelona are a perfect option for Erasmus students who choose the city to start a new stage outside their home city, and become the best alternative to start being more independent and responsible without losing security. and the comforts of a student residence, and most importantly, you will live surrounded by other students who, just like you, have just arrived to study in Barcelona.

Where to eat in Barcelona?

The most economical option is to eat or in your student flat in Barcelona, ​​but you will want to go out to dinner from time to time with your classmates or friends; we recommend you read the group dinners with the three B's (bueno, bonito y barato), and this very important advice: avoid the purely tourist areas, in Barcelona there are places where you can have a good dinner, for little money, but you have to look for them.

You are welcome!

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