Dorm or shared apartment for students? What is the best option?

Dorm or shared apartment for students? What is the best option?

In addition to worrying about which one is the best university, which are the university ratings and the restlessness of the entrance exams, it's time to decide other aspects of this new stage as Where will I live? What is the best area of ​​Barcelona? Is it a better options booking  a college dorm or rent a room in a shared flat with other students? It is an important decision ... shall we help?

Many university students choose colleges and university residences in the own university. It is a good way to meet other students of the same university and live it up the college environment of Barcelona. Disadvantages: to be located in the same university may be far from the center of Barcelona ... Also some students prefer more freedom and independence, especially from the second year of study.

Another option is to rent an apartment between several students, seemingly the cheapest option. Barcelona has a wide portfolio of flats to rent that can be accessed via property portals. The apartments with traditional rental does not include supplies and usually the conditions for access are quite demanding in terms of deposits, bank guarantees ... If you decant for a traditional rental apartment, do not forget you will have to organize the division of housework and reorganization expenses if any of the students decide to end your stay ahead of schedule.

Our favorite is to unite the advantages of both student accommodation options and decide to live in a shared university apartment with all amenities included. This option allows you to meet other international students living in Barcelona, ​​and also studying in different schools and universities, which helps you to further expand your circle of friends. Moreover, as you just rent a room, you do not need to worry about finding new roommates if any room left empty or overpay. You forget to register supplies, you forget to bills, because everything is included. Weekly cleaning makes it easier to focus on your studies (or know Barcelona! J). Advantages? All !!!! In Barcelona design flats we make that easy!

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