Eat well and cook little ...

Eat well and cook little ...

It's been a few months since you decided to come to study in Barcelona and I'm sure you've already organized more than one university student dinner to get to know you a little better, or simply because it's a good plan just before enjoying the night in the city of Barcelona

Everything we have told is very good, but it is time to get into the wonderful kitchen of your student flat in Barcelona to start preparing something homemade that will surprise your friends and that you can boast of having done it yourself; You know that going down to buy at the supermarket, something already cooked, is not as cool as cooking it yourself, and here your problem can come, you have lived only a short time and you do not have much idea of ​​cooking. Do not worry, do not panic, become a faithful follower of this section of our blog and learn to eat well, cook little and be very good with your colleagues.

Today we are going to show you how to cook an easy appetizer that will turn you into the protagonist of the next dinner.

Piquillo peppers stuffed with crab sticks.

These are the ingredients you need:

  • Two cans of piquillo peppers or the amount of peppers you consider depending on the number of people you go to dinner
  • Crab sticks
  • Mayonnaise

As you can see the ingredients are scarce and very basic but that does not mean that it is not a rich snack, as you can see, its flavor is delicious and it will not take you too long to prepare it.

The first thing you will have to do is make yourself a blender, something that you have available in the kitchen of your student flat in Barcelona, ​​and put in your glass the crab sticks, the only thing you have to do is chop them so that they stay in very thin pieces.

Then you have to find a large bowl and put the mayonnaise to which you must add the crab sticks and mix well. You should leave a small amount of chopped crab sticks that we will use at the end.

Now you will have to find a tray in which to present your work of art, and open the cans of piquillo peppers. Carefully, and with a spoon, you should fill the peppers one by one and place them on the tray.

Once you have all the peppers stuffed and well placed in the tray, sprinkle over the small amount of chopped crab sticks that we have not mixed with mayonnaise.

You have your appetizer ready! Surely you have not resisted to try it during its preparation and you will have been able to verify the delicious mixture of flavors.

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