Eat well and cook little. Original recipes for students: Salmon and avocado dome

Eat well and cook little. Original recipes for students: Salmon and avocado dome

Make space in the fridge, and prepare the ingredients you need to make it; You will have to buy and have at hand:
Cling film
6 slices or fillets of smoked salmon
Olive oil
3 eggs
3 avocados
50 grams of fresh cheese spread
1 lime
Follow the simple steps that we are going to tell you, in great detail, because it is an easy recipe, but elaborated, and you cannot alter the order if you want to do it perfectly.

The first thing you have to do is find, in the fully equipped kitchen of your student flat in Barcelona, ​​it is a small glass bowl to give a dome shape to this delicious dish.

Now place transparent film lining the bowl. Break and break an egg on the film, you do not have to beat it, just leave it like this and pick up the egg spilled with the transparent film making a kind of sack. Repeat the same action with the other two eggs. Place the egg sachets in a saucepan with boiling water, and holding them with your hand, let them boil inside for four minutes.

The next step is to line the bowl with the slices of smoked salmon and introduce the egg passed through water, which we must previously remove from the transparent film.

We continue with the avocados; that we should peel and split in half. Now you must to put them in a container, along with about fifty grams of fresh cheese spread, and squeeze on the mixture, the juice of a lime. We crush everything with a blender so that we have a homogeneous paste.
We take part of this mixture and we distribute it with a spoon, in the three bowls that we have prepared with the salmon and the eggs passed by water.

Lastly, we toasted three slices of sliced ​​bread in the toaster, and placed them on top of the bowl; cut the remaining bread, so that only the circle corresponding to the diameter of the bowl remains.

Now we just have to go around the bowl on the plate or tray, where we want to serve it, and remove it so that we have the salmon and avocado dome ready to taste. We recommend you to line the lime peel on top to decorate and give it a more intense flavor.

The surprise comes when we are going to cut it to taste it, because the yolk of egg will hatch in the plate and the fusion of the flavors, and its texture, will not leave any of the companions of your student flat in Barcelona indifferent! You can discover this and many other easy and original recipes on the Chef Club video recipes platform.

Bon apetit!

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