Everything and international student needs to know to study in Barcelona

If you are an international student and you already know where you are going to study, the first thing you have to do is apply for admission, but after this first step, there are many other requirements to study in Barcelona as a foreigner that you must know.

Once you have completed the application process and obtained admission to the university or business school in Barcelona, we recommend you go to the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in your country. There they will answer any questions you may have and explain in detail everything we are going to tell you next.

Procedures to be carried out in your country of origin

The first thing you must do is gather information on all the documentation required to enter Spain as an international student, legal issues related to your passport or visa, the kilos of luggage you can check in on the plane, details of medical coverage services, banks where you can withdraw money and the accommodation you will be using. Here we recommend that you take a look at our student flats in Barcelona, where you will meet other foreign students who, like you, have decided to live this experience in Barcelona.

The requirements for entering Spain vary depending on the nationality of the international student, the reasons for the trip and the length of the stay. The basic and essential thing is to have a valid passport and, in many cases, a valid visa. (Visas are requested at the Spanish consulate in the student's country of origin, so do not wait to travel to make the arrangements in Spain as this is not possible, and if you arrive in Spain without this document you will be denied access and will have to return to your country to make the arrangements, although there are some countries that are exempt from obtaining the visa as long as the duration of the stay in Barcelona does not exceed three months) as well as the documents that accredit the reasons for the trip (letter of admission from the business school or university) and in most cases, the contract or reservation of your student flat in Barcelona or in some other student accommodation that you choose.

Procedures to be carried out in Spain

If the duration of your studies in Barcelona is going to be longer than six months, international students who have a visa to study or extend their studies, carry out research or training activities, unpaid internships, student exchanges or volunteer services, must apply, within one month of their entry into Spain, for a foreign student card at the corresponding Foreigners' Office or Police Station, as indicated by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on its official website.

From our student flats in Barcelona, we facilitate many of these procedures so that looking for accommodation is not another problem for all the bureaucracy you will have to deal with. Contact us and we will help you.

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