Experience and discover Barcelona if you have just arrived

Experience and discover Barcelona if you have just arrived

The time of arrival
Although studying abroad is always something exciting, end up making the decision to spend a year outside your home city, it is not as simple as it seems; you've been planning your arrival for some months and imagining how it's going to be and when it finally arrives, nothing is usually as it seems.
Fortunately, you are lucky, our student flats in Barcelona are exactly the same as what you have seen on the web, you will not find any unpleasant surprises, the only thing you will find and that you have seen us before , will be partners who will make studying in Barcelona, ​​be the best that has happened to you so far!

Everything will be new for you
Starting from scratch in a new city is a challenge for all students, so we recommend that when you go to your study center, look for the "welcome point" and ask for anything that gives you doubts, that is your moment! You should also ask for the student's guide, almost all the study centers have it, will be your bedside book during the first few days. You can also read our "survivor guide"

You will discover that during your first student days in Barcelona, ​​your academic activity will coexist alongside your tourist activity, you will want to know everything about the city (link to the article of free visits), and your first trips to Barcelona will be wonderful; without being able to stop observing its architecture and the people of all parts, that like you, enjoy by its streets; you can take advantage of the free guided tours that are organized. In Barcelona, ​​there is always something to do, it is a city that is alive from Sunday to Sunday and you will discover it little by little; the cultural and leisure offer you will find is almost infinite, you will live in a modern, cosmopolitan, artistic and magical city.

An unforgettable experience
Make the most of your time, because most of your classmates, who have already lived in a student apartment in Barcelona, ​​agree that the experience is short and the balance is always positive. You have many friends to know, lots of travel to do, knowledge of a new culture and thousands of anecdotes to tell.

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