Extracurricular activities for university students in Barcelona

Extracurricular activities for university students in Barcelona

Undoubtedly, your years as a university student in Barcelona, ​​will mark a stage in your life and you will always remember them as a beautiful experience that you will probably never live again, or, at least, not in the same way and with the same intensity. Although, being an university student is not only studying at the university and passing the courses per year, it is also a time when you must take advantage of the time, the desire and the opportunity to study abroad.

"Maintaining a balance between study time and leisure time is the key to getting the most out of your university experience in Barcelona"

You must try to comply to the maximum of the university schedules, and also study the exams and prepare the jobs that will be required throughout the course; but enjoy the leisure proposals offered by the city and carry out a series of extracurricular activities doing what you really like, will help you maintain a healthy balance in your mind.

In what to invest the free time like university students in Barcelona?

1.- Learn Languages. To know perfectly, at least, two languages, is something fundamental in an increasingly globalized world. If you do not know English you have it very difficult to get a job in the future. But in addition to English, you could consider studying German, French or Catalan, since many of you wonder if it is necessary to speak Catalan to study in Barcelona. And if you are one of the demanding ones that wants to learn less common languages, you can consider studying Chinese or Russian.

2.- Practice sports. Undoubtedly, sport benefits the body but also the mind, favors concentration and its health benefits are demonstrated. Dedicate, at least, one hour a day to perform any type of sport is a good practice that helps you organize and feel better.

3.- It's time to learn to play that musical instrument that you would have liked to play. Maybe the university time is a good time to learn to play an instrument, like guitar or piano, with which you will develop a lot of skills.

4.- Share moments of leisure with the companions of your student flat in Barcelona. If you study in a different city from your home city, and you are lucky enough to live in a student flat, you can enjoy a lot of activities that are organized in a city like Barcelona, ​​from more cultural activities such as film forums in the that a movie is seen and discussed; talks and debates on a specific topic; visits from a speaker who is a guru of a particular subject to activities to enjoy the nightlife of the city.


To finish, remember that with a good organization, there is time for everything!


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