Finding your first job as a university student in Barcelona

Finding your first job as a university student in Barcelona

If you are a university student in Barcelona looking for your first job, you should know that new technologies have radically changed the processes of job search. Now, you don't have to send CVs to company job offers, as this is a strategy that, by itself, is not going to help you find your first job, much less if you are an inexperienced university student.

Today, differentiation from the rest of the candidates who opt for that job is the key to achieving it. If you don't know how to do it, we are going to give you a series of tips to find your first job in Barcelona if you are a university student who doesn't have much experience.

Tips for finding your first job as a university student

There are plenty of online tools that can help you get your first job and you may not know it.

More and more, candidates for a job are deciding how you show yourself and what you transmit in the digital environment. However, you must still make a good impression in the interview, be polite, know how to communicate and have social skills and an excellent proactive attitude.

Linkedin is the king

LinkedIn is the professional social network par excellence. If you do not have an active profile in this network, you will not be visible in the professional sector. Having a profile in this network will begin to give you visibility and will allow you to position yourself and relate to companies.

What's the point of being on Linkedin if I don't have any professional experience?

Don't worry, even without experience, it is essential that you create a professional profile on LinkedIn, specifying what you are studying. Not everything is experience, you can add interests and hobbies. There are many companies looking for young talents with a great attitude. 

In addition to the profile you must have created and developed, in LinkedIn you can upload updates and content of the topics that interest you. This way you will be more visible to companies.

Personal blog

It has never been so easy to create and manage a blog. You can do it from scratch and totally free on platforms like WordPress.

You can write about the topics in which you are an expert within your academic specialization and publish constantly, so that it is always updated.

Social networks

Even if you don't know it, the content of your profiles on social networks matters to companies.

We are serious, that's why we advise you to take care of it, and start thinking about what you publish on your networks. When you do a job interview, most likely they have come in or will come in after meeting you. Reduce party night publications and publish more often about your hobbies and interests.

It wouldn't hurt to also check the level of privacy of your accounts. 


Although they are portals that are not very up-to-date, don't forget them. There are job opportunities that complement what we have mentioned before.

There are also other alternatives such as PrimerEmpleo.com or the Indeed app that we recommend you take a look at.

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