Grants and scholarships for university students in Barcelona

Grants and scholarships for university students in Barcelona

Studying in a big city like Barcelona, will be one of the most important decisions of your life and if you are not financially independent, you will have to reach an agreement with your family, especially if you come to study in Barcelona from another city or country, as this will involve additional expenses such as travel, accommodation and food, for example.

If you are sure that you want to come and study in Barcelona because it is the city where you can study the career that you have always wanted to study, without a doubt, Barcelona will be your next university destination.

Barcelona is not one of the cheapest cities in Spain to study in, but there are plenty of grants and scholarships for university students that will make your stay easier. In this post we analyze the different options that exist for you, who are sure that you want to come here to study.


Grants and scholarships for university students in Barcelona


Scholarships from the university itself and from higher education institutions. Both public and private universities usually offer grants and scholarships that are normally associated with a high level of student commitment and academic performance.

Equity Grants. These are the University of Barcelona's own grants for families with low incomes that are not linked to academic performance. They support the incorporation of students into the university with a considerable reduction in the cost of tuition credits.

Aid for foreign students. Perhaps you are one of the hundreds of Erasmus students who come to study in Barcelona. These may be the most famous and well-known grants for studying abroad. They are highly recommended to live a unique experience, as well as to practice languages.

The Ministry of Education in Spain also has important grants allocated to help university students with fewer resources.

Aid from private entities such as banks or large companies through their social works through support programs. The CRUE scholarships are supported by the sponsorship of several entities that offer programs of this type.


If you come to study in Barcelona, there is a University and Research Grants Management Agency in Catalonia.

Aid and grants to support research. If you are a doctoral or postgraduate student, there are organizations in Barcelona such as the FCRI and the Institució Cerca that support research through grants of this type.

“Beatriz de Pinós Program”. This is a grant aimed at incorporating postdoctoral researchers into the Catalan science and technology system. They promote recruitment and incorporation into the employment market.

FI grants for the incorporation of new research personnel. This type of aid is specific to certain universities and university hospitals.

These are just a few examples, but we recommend that you carry out a detailed study of all the grants and scholarships that exist for university students in Barcelona and find out what the requirements are for access to them.

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