Guide for university students newly arrived in Barcelona

Guide for university students newly arrived in Barcelona

Have you just arrived to study at the University of Barcelona next year? Is everything new to you? Don't you know where to start? Do you need help? From Barcelona student flats we have written a small guide with all the details that a university student newly arrived in Barcelona should know, especially when facing his first academic year in the city.

Barcelona is an avant-garde, cosmopolitan, welcoming and very comfortable city for the new international students who come every year to study at the university. Like a big city, if you come from a smaller place, you will have to adapt to its rhythm and its dimensions, but you will do it sooner than you think now.

In order to get to your university campus, the first thing you need to know is that Barcelona has several university campuses, so it is very important that you choose your student flat in Barcelona, as close as possible to your campus, or that it is well connected by public transport.

But when an international student arrives to live in Barcelona and study at the university, apart from studying, it is also important to bear in mind that the neighbourhood where you live or the location of your student flat in Barcelona will determine your quality of life, as well as the options for leisure and immersion in the culture and life of the city. Here is some useful information for your first few months 

Important advice for the university student who has just arrived in Barcelona

The university area is mainly distributed between the city, with several campuses, and the Bellaterra campus in the town of Cerdanyola del Vallés. However, all the faculties are well connected by public transport (metro, bus, train and tram). To that you can add the public bicycle rental service, Bicing.

In Barcelona, Catalan and Spanish are spoken: they are the two official languages, so you will see that all shop and transport signs are in one of these two languages. It's easy to hear both languages in class, too. If you are interested, you can learn Catalan free of charge through the services provided by the Generalitat.

You live in a cosmopolitan city: enjoy the privilege of feeling in a city full of life and other international students like you.

Mediterranean climate: Barcelona has nine months of mild climate to enjoy outdoors by bike or walking on the beach, day and night. The remaining three months are a little colder, but never so extreme as to nullify any plan.

Beaches: walk along the shore and feel the sand and salt water on your feet. This routine will give you the relaxation you need to face college life whenever you need a break. Without moving from the city you have the beaches of Barceloneta or Mar Bella that you can reach by public transport.

You will meet people from different parts of the world: you will make friends with different nationalities and almost certainly improve your language learning.

Barcelona is a monumental city: beyond the Sagrada Familia or the works of Gaudí, the city is full of places to visit. Walk around a lot and choose yours.

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