Home delivery service with Lola Market

Home delivery service with Lola Market

As you know, from time to time we like to worry about feeding our students and we give you a recipe to prepare easily in your shared flat.

But...what happens if the inspiration of cooking a dinner for your flatmates comes to you at the moment when the only thing in the fridge is half a lemon and an expired egg? Make the shopping list, take the cart and walk to the super, walk the aisles to find the missing ingredient, make the queue to pay, change to other queue because the next one is faster than yours, look like the previous one miraculously unclogs while your cashier remains unchanged, put the purchase to the cart, comes home .... And now I'm sure you do not want to start cooking anymore.  

Well, we have just discovered Lola Market! 

You choose the recipe on your website and the products are automatically uploaded to your virtual shopping cart ... and best of all, in just one hour you have it at home. How about? We think it is an Asian luxury, so we have not missed the opportunity to request a discount of 10 euros for students who decide to buy through their website.

It's very easy: go to lolamarket.com or download the app. Choose the recipe with which you want to surprise your roommates or make the purchase of the week (or month) and receive it in just one hour in your student flat. When placing the order, indicate in your profile the promotional code STUDENT10 (the minimum purchase is € 40 to be able to use the coupon), and enjoy a discount of € 10 for being barcelona design flats roomer!

For you to cheer up, we leave you one of your recipes. And you know, if you dare to cook it, you have no excuse.

Chop suey

€ 7.73 / recipe

The last recipe to celebrate the Chinese year!

Try to make this delicious Chop Suey made with meat and vegetables.


A carrot

Two hundred grams of veal

25 Soybean sprouts

A purple onion


Cut the carrot thin and small pieces and cook it over low heat.

Cut the onion and add the bean sprouts.

Fry the meat in a pan.

Cut the meat into small pieces


Don’t tell us it isn’t easy!! so come on, go ahead and cook.

You will tell us how this or any of your website's recipes has come to you. And tell us also how the delivery service has been in your university flat!

Bon appetit and see you soon!


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