How much does it cost to study at university in Barcelona?

How much does it cost to study at university in Barcelona?

Barcelona is one of the cities with the best universities in Spain, with great prestige throughout Europe and even present in world rankings. It is a very comfortable city for the international student who every year welcomes students from different cities in Spain and the world, but there are many who ask themselves before making the decision to come to study in Barcelona, how much does it cost a university degree?

Keep reading and get your questions answered!

Cost of tuition: Although Barcelona has a reputation for being an expensive city to study in, the prices of tuition at its universities are not too far below the average of other Spanish cities such as Valencia or Madrid and are below other European cities such as Paris or London.

However, the prestige and good name of institutions such as the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), the University of Barcelona (UB) or the various pioneering and innovative higher education centers, depending on the type of studies, are chosen by students who have a clear vocation and who justify the financial outlay involved in their enrolment.

But how much money are we talking about?

What most influences whether the price is higher or lower has to do with the materials to be used and the facilities of the university or college; the price also varies greatly whether it is for a degree or a double degree, or whether it is taught in a public or private institution: 

  • Average price of a degree: 1,500 euros per year
  • Approximate average price of a double degree: 2,500 euros per year
  • Average price of a technical degree (medicine or engineering): 2,200 euros per year
  • Average price of a degree in a private institution: 5,000 euros per year

All these prices can be reduced if you have an aid or scholarship, which is not always intended only for tuition, but you can also get grants for living in Barcelona or for travel.

What are my usual monthly expenses living in a student flat in Barcelona? 

Studying a degree course in Barcelona also involves incurring other logical expenses in addition to tuition, such as student accommodation, food, transport and, of course, leisure and culture, which are also an important part of the study.

Living in a student flat in Barcelona, is the most common option among international students, so besides being the best way to share experiences in a new city and with new colleagues, it becomes a winning option by including cleaning costs and all supplies and maintenance costs.

Take a look at all the student flats in Barcelona that we have available for you, and decide on the location, depending on the university where you are going to study, which one is the most appropriate for you, and once you have chosen it, contact us and we will send you an estimate.

What are you waiting for to come and study in Barcelona?

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