Hunger games have begun! 3 healthy salads to degrease

Hunger games have begun! 3 healthy salads to degrease

Do you feel identified? Surely a little yes!

And, do you know what the most common purpose when the year begins? Eat Healthy.
The excesses of these days, make us take more pounds that alter our slim shape; and eat healthy make us lose those pounds and recover the line. Well, to help you degrease, we propose these three healthy salads, very rich, and easy to prepare in your student residence.

Spinach salad: you only need a bunch of fresh spinach (you can also buy them in a bag that is already washed and ready to serve), some cherry tomatoes that will cut in half, 100 grams of “Serrano” ham, and an handful of nuts. If you mix all the ingredients and mix it with a pinch of salt, a splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar of Modena to taste, you will have a healthy, fast and exquisite dinner. Tip: If you are not very concerned about your shape, add two pieces of goat cheese preheated ten seconds in the microwave and the taste will be much more intense!

Lentil salad: You need a pot of cooked lentils, an avocado, half a pomegranate, four cherry tomatoes and a half onion. Drain the lentils well, peel the avocado and cut into very small pieces, do the same with the chives, finally cut the cherrys in half and mix all these ingredients. For dressing, make a sauce with lemon juice, soy sauce and a dash of olive oil. Make sure all the ingredients above are well impregnated with this sauce and voilà! Delicious!

Quinoa salad: Quinoa is a very fashionable ingredient here in recent years, and we are not surprised by its nutritional properties and health benefits, so, go to the supermarket closest to your student residence and purchase a quinoa package; cook half a glass of this cereal according to package instructions. In another pan, you should put an egg to cook for eight or ten minutes. In parallel, prepare a base in a bowl, canons and arugula, cut a carrot in small pieces and four cherry tomatoes in half, add above these ingredients a can of tuna in natural oil. When the quinoa and hard-boiled egg are ready, cut the egg into small pieces and add both ingredients to the bowl. Prepare a simple sauce with olive oil, vinegar, salt and basil. Easier, impossible!

Recovering your shape is easy with these original and delicious salads!

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