I live in a shared flat in Barcelona, should I register in the city census?

I live in a shared flat in Barcelona, should I register in the city census?

Being registered in Barcelona gives you the right to receive, among other things, public health care. In addition, you will need to be registered in Barcelona to carry out a large number of administrative formalities such as applying for a resident card, parking in a limited parking area, if you come to study in Barcelona with your own car, receive social assistance, etc...

To register in a shared flat in Barcelona, it is not necessary to have the permission of the owner of the flat, however, it is advisable that at the time of signing the rental contract indicate to the owner the intention or need to register in the flat. If the owner has no problem, you can ask him to sign the census form of the city of Barcelona, and together with that document, the rental contract, photocopy of the ID of the owners and our ID (original copy) we can go to the Municipal Register to make the procedure, although in Barcelona, you can also do the management by mail and / or Internet through the virtual office. Many owners do not provide this procedure for different reasons; in this case, the article 3.3 of the Resolution of 16 March 2015 of the Ministry of the Presidency of Spain, offers an alternative to the census in this case, and is that the social services of the city council make a visit to the apartment that you indicate as housing, to verify that you actually live there and submit a report on the matter. If you come to study here, and you choose one of our student flats in Barcelona, you don't have to worry because we will provide you with everything you need to register in the city.

What documents do I need to register in Barcelona? The first of these is the proof of your identity. If you do not yet have your residence card, with your NIE number, you can present the valid passport of your country of origin.

The second is the proof of address, this is the rental contract for the flat. If you are not the owner of this contract, you will need a letter from the owner, proving or certifying that you live there.

In our student flats in Barcelona, you do not have to worry about carrying out this procedure, as our student service department will help you to carry out this basic administrative procedure.

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