Ideas to celebrate this Father's Day

Next March 19, Father's Day is celebrated, a super special date in which to show our parents all our love and gratitude for helping us to be who we are and always being a very special support.

Although in countries with a Catholic tradition such as Spain, the date of celebration is March 19, in other countries such as the United States, it is celebrated on June 5.

Although at Vanguard Student Housing we are among those who think that love and appreciation should be shown every day of the year, and not only on certain dates, we want to remind you that last year, Father's Day caught us all in full lockdown, and therefore, this year we want to give you some ideas to make this day doubly special. Of course, always in accordance with the regulations in force at all times.

If you are staying in one of our student apartments in Barcelona, ​​or one of our colivings, and you will not be able to travel to see your father, do not worry, because here are some ideas to celebrate the day in person , or as usual lately, in the distance.

Details and ideas to give to our parents

  1. Bag for sports or running backpack: Doing sports and physical exercise is essential to lead a healthy life and improve our quality of life. Support this activity by giving him a backpack to make his walks more comfortable, or he can carry his clothes to the gym in a bag with good capacity and compartments.
  2. 'Eres la mejor decisión que ha tomado mi madre': Tell your father that you love him with this notebook, that he will surely get more than one laugh at home. It can be used as a notebook, diary, diary ... A detail full of humor for Father's Day and also a perfect complement for birthday gifts, invisible friends ...
  3. Moisturizing / anti-aging cream: A good specialized cream for men and for the age group of your parents, it is sure to be a good hit. It's never too late to start taking care of yourself!
  4. Photo album created by you: Photographs are already memories that always conquer, but if you dare with a photo album made with your own hands, you will surely love the detail. Another alternative is to create a photo frame by pasting trinkets, cutouts of things that you like, drawings made by you ... Your creativity has no limits!
  5. Surprise, surprise: Surprise him by sending him his favorite breakfast at home, or at work. Invite him to eat at a restaurant, or buy some kind of voucher that he can exchange for a leisure or cultural activity or that contributes to his well-being and relaxation.

We hope you liked them, and we also want to remind you that no one knows your parents better than you. So, we are sure that you will know how to get it right and get a smile from them, whatever it is you have thought.

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