If you come to study a bootcamp in Barcelona we have a student flat for you

If you come to study a bootcamp in Barcelona we have a student flat for you

A bootcamp is one of the latest trends in education, are courses or training, intensive and practical, of 9 weeks, on certain subjects and that respond to the current needs of companies. In the bootcamps, professional profiles adapted to the unstoppable pace of innovation will be formed. They are characterized by being specialized, focused on practice and very intensive.

The labor ecosystem has changed considerably, due to the technological impact, therefore, other types of training have been born, destined to enable students to be valid, effective and productive, meeting the new needs of business demand in cutting-edge technologies.

To access a bootcamp you do not need a previous academic degree, only much desire to learn fast, a minimum knowledge acquired, even self-taught, and a proactive attitude. Some students use them to get a very specific training, in web programming or UX / UI design for example, to boost new skills or to change their professional direction, if they are dedicating themselves to something that does not do enough.

In Barcelona, ​​you will find Le Wagon Bootcamp, in which in just 9 weeks you can become a web developer.

If you want to know more, on the Universia website you will find information about bootcamps and a multitude of opinions from students who have already taken one and can help you make a decision if you are interested in doing some.

It is important to know that in a study carried out in 2017, 80% of the companies that had hired students from bootcamps, would repeat in their decision to hire them.

Nor can we forget the controversial phrase that the head of human resources of Google pronounced sharply: "the academic record is useless."

However, in this article we just want you to know this latest trend in education and we dare not say in any case, if it is the most appropriate for you, since the decision on your career, you must decide it yourself. 

If you are interested in doing a bootcamp, check out our student flats in Barcelona, ​​as they are an excellent accommodation option.

We are waiting for you!

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