January, a month of exams for university students

January, a month of exams for university students

The January exams are approaching, and the stress, nerves and sleepless nights are increasing for university students; for those who arrive to Barcelona after the Christmas holidays, January means passing or at least finishing the dreaded exams.

Many university students want to discover the magic formula for overcoming their particular January exams, and it doesn't exist. The only secret for passing the exams is to be consistent in your studies during the course, to rest for a minimum of eight hours and to disconnect the day before the exam. If we concentrate for too long on a single task, it causes more stress and exhaustion.

Times like the Christmas holidays are perfect for planning a study schedule for the weeks leading up to the exam. We know that when the holidays come, we just want to go home and meet up with our friends, but we'll tell you how to make it happen.

Keys to passing the university exams

Get at least eight hours of sleep: sleep experts explain that sleep is the best tool to consolidate memories. Sleeping at least 8 hours can be the best way to retain in your memory each of the subjects you have been studying.

Practice relaxation techniques: if you plan your study hours between the library and your student flat in Barcelona on your calendar, take advantage of the days you study in your flat to take 30 second deep breaths, focusing on the air, how it enters and leaves your lungs and listen to it. You'll feel like new or like you've never felt before when you finish this simple but effective relaxation technique.

Plan your breaks: Pause during your study time to get out of your chair, walk around and stretch your legs. Experts recommend resting 5 minutes for every hour of study.

Don't stop practicing sports: If you are one of those who practice sports regularly, keep doing it; the same as if you practice some activity such as drawing, painting or any other, during study time it is advisable to move and disconnect, so you should not stop any of your usual practices.

Get together with your friends or with the people in your student flat in Barcelona: talking to them is highly recommended before and after each study day. Meet for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or simply for a drink outside the library or when you get up from your desk, to clear your mind.

Eat healthy: Maintaining a healthy diet or taking care of your food during exam time will help you feel more energetic and less tired.

If you've left everything to the last minute, it won't help to spend endless days in front of books and notes, because the amount of time you spend studying is not as important as the quality, and if you study against the clock the quality will drop considerably.

For our part, that is all, we hope you apply these keys and we can only wish you good luck!

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