Job search for university students during the Christmas campaign

Job search for university students during the Christmas campaign

Do you want to take advantage of this holiday season and save for gifts from Santa Claus, the Three Kings or for your end of year trip or the next summer holidays by finding a job during the Christmas campaign?

We tell you which are the fashionable APPS this Christmas for university students who, like you, are looking for a job to combine with their studies or to save for their short- or medium-term plans.


This application was awarded in 2014 as the best job search application, for its innovative way of putting employers in touch with job seekers. It is so fast and easy that it allows you to create a professional profile in seconds.

Here you are also valued, so your willingness to work, your attitude and your knowledge, will be reflected in the opinions left on your profile, which can be essential when applying for new jobs. In addition, this application allows you to share your achievements in social networks, creating a professional reputation as an alternative or complement to the boring resume that companies often do not even bother to read.

We think this last one is a great novelty!


News has recently been published in different media informing that during the 2019 Christmas campaign, around 330,000 jobs will be generated, of which more than 17,000 will be offered in this application. Most of them are temporary jobs, but they represent a great opportunity for young people who want to enter the labour market and it is estimated that 34% will be converted into long-term contracts.

All you have to do is download the App on your phone and fill in your configuration data. You will then have access to all available offers where you can see the duration of the job, hours, location, remuneration and even the degree of compatibility with your profile, so it is important that this is as complete as possible.

This application allows, as AIRBNB does, to assess your work experience with the company, so that future candidates can read them before sending their curriculum.


His letter of introduction is: ¨Find a job in 24 horas¨.

Its creators were clear that the labour market has changed and offers must be much more accessible, allowing candidates to apply for different jobs without the emphasis on a very long curriculum, boring letters of introduction, and interviews that did not show the real attitude and potential of the candidates.

Multinationals such as Starbucks, McDonald's and Holiday Inn use this App to publish their offers, making their selection process much faster and innovative. You sign up with just one click, you are guaranteed a response within 24 hours and employers contact you via chat. Isn't this the cutting edge of job search applications?

Currently, they process more than one million job offers a week, which means more than a thousand a day in Spain.

What are you waiting for to download all three to your mobile phone and tell your colleagues in your student flat in Barcelona?

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