Keep calm and good luck on exams

Keep calm and good luck on exams

Today we are going to tell you the best way to prepare an exam, although there is not a magic formula and everything revolves around the dedication and the effort that we must make to get a good grade.

Before the exam: needless to say, that you have to attend class continuously, that you have asked everything that you did not understand and that all the material that you have to prepare for the exam is more than clear, and you understand it perfectly. Also, that you have done schematics, summaries and weekly reviews, and that you only have to make one last effort and spend more hours than usual in the comfortable study table of your student apartment in Barcelona, ​​setting that content in your memory, to  take the final exam.

The moment of the exam: do not let your nerves pass to the classroom, get rid of them on the way to your study center, forget them in the subway, the bus, or on the bike, follow the trip in that mode of transport alone , they are no good!
Read all the questions well and if you do not understand any, do not hesitate to ask the teacher to clarify, ask is not fools, but smart! Do a comprehensive reading and make sure they are being asked in each one: explain, demonstrate, indicate, calculate, list ... and keep in mind the score they will give to each of the questions. Then, analyze the time that you are going to dedicate to each one of them to be able to answer all before the end of the examination, and do not forget to leave a few minutes to review.

The organization of time is super important to successfully pass an exam, answer first what you score and what is best prepared, but do not overstretch, answer correctly and accurately give you the highest score, do not lose time.
If there is something you are not too prepared, try to write at least basic ideas and take a deep breath and relax to see if you can remember anything else, leave a blank question, denotes that you have segmented the study of this matter.

Finally, do not neglect the presentation of the exam, are not worth the studs, illegible medical letters and misspellings.

Good luck!

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