“Más chulo que un ocho

“Más chulo que un ocho
If you are wondering what we mean, we want you to be "cooler than an eight," it means that even though you are living in Barcelona, you seem to be from Madrid, which is the city in which this expression originates. Madrilenians have a reputation for pimps, true or not, the costume typical of the most popular party in the capital of Spain, is the "chulapo" and these "chulapos" in very well-ironed suits and walking very stretched, when traveled to celebrate the “verbena of San Antonio”, they did it all together in the bus number 8 that came out of the neuralgic “Puerta del Sol”. Imagine that bus full of chulapos! No doubt, the coolest bus of all, number eight, and hence the expression.
The second expression today, is used to communicate some bad news to someone and you know that it will affect you considerably. You will understand better with an example: they will say goodbye to a job and to soften that news they tell you in advance how well you have done and everything you have contributed to the company; when they tell you all these good things, they are "dorando la pildora" because after all, they do not count on you, they fire you and the next thing to everything good, is goodbye. Its origin is in analgesics that were used in the past and had a bitter taste that it was practically impossible to ingest them; so the pharmacists or apothecaries, as they were called in those days, impregnated it with a sugary substance, and in this way their intake was more comfortable.
Will you be able to use them with your Spanish colleagues in your student apartment when you have an occasion? 
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