Our room, our private space in times of covid-19

We are living in unprecedented moments, in which our lives and activities are marked by the restrictions and measures applied to contain the spread of the virus. That is why the number of hours we spend at home has been greatly increased.

This year most of the classes in schools and universities are being taught in a non-face-to-face way, and teleworking is becoming more frequent to minimize risky contacts in the workplace.

For these reasons, feeling comfortable in your apartment and room will be key when facing the new normal with energy and a positive attitude.

What can we do to feel more comfortable in our room?

Having a private space is very important for the coexistence to develop in a pleasant way, that is why, with the following ideas, we want to help you make your private space as comfortable and inspiring as you need to wake up every morning full of energy and wanting to eat the world:

  • Create your own reading space, and disconnect from the news and reality: a book can be the perfect tool to achieve this and in our bedroom, we can create the ideal reading corner. Place the cushions and blankets well, they are the ones that will maximize the comfort on the surface of your bed, make sure you have good lighting and immerse yourself in the story you are reading, mentally travel to other places, imagine all the characters ... Remember that our rooms are fully equipped, but if you want to buy more cushions of your choice, we can recommend stores that you will love.
  • Create your health and exercise space: You will only need a mat, a mobile or a computer where you can view some exercise recommendations, and the desire to have fun and be in shape.
  • Decorate the room and give wings to your hobbies and creativity: Do you like drawing, painting, writing, music, or sewing? In order to be more creative and practice, we need a special place to spend time with them each day. Perhaps you can convert the desk in your room to set up a mini atelier, or simply give it a special touch with some dried flowers, some candles, or in general, any detail of our liking that helps us personalize that special corner.

All rooms for students at Pisos Estudiantes Barcelona are fully equipped and designed for the comfort of all residents, so that living in a community of like-minded people and sharing a flat does not mean giving up the privacy you need to feel at home.

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