Plan an escape room with your fellow students in Barcelona

Plan an escape room with your fellow students in Barcelona

If you are a foreign student who has come to study in Barcelona, ​​you may already know this phenomenon that was born in 2006 in Silicon Valley, when a group of computer scientists created a team game in which an enigma had to be solved in a limited time. The story was based, at that time, on the stories of Agatha Christie. The format we know in Europe, came to Spain only two or three years ago but now has become a fashion that hooks many people and continues to spread like wildfire. At present there are already more than twenty places in Barcelona where you can play to escape and have fun with the friends of your student apartments Barcelona.

The most important thing in this game is logic and ingenuity. Between the four walls of the escape room you will have to investigate, find keys, do puzzles, solve puzzles and obtain objects or combinations, in order to solve the final enigma and get out of there. The game revolves around a story that links all the tests and gives them a logical sense.

Do not worry, if you do not manage to solve it you will not be locked up there forever, because at all times the organizers are monitoring the game through multiple cameras and if at any time, the group feels overwhelmed or there is any incidence, the organizers will They give the necessary clues to help you continue the game and achieve the ultimate goal.

You can choose games set in different spaces and with multiple stories. There are games of heroes, terror, detectives, fugitives, mathematicians and science fiction, among others ... Each organizer usually offers one or two games and this way you can change rooms if you want to try a new adventure.

It is an interactive experience, which keeps you alert at all times and 100% real, inspired especially in video games. You will not get tired, nor will you require great physical activity, you will have to use the whole brain.

To help you with your choice, we leave you the ranking of the 10 Escape Room in Barcelona that shows Tripadvisor:

Kidnapped in BCN


Fear Escape Room

Bizarre Escape Room


Chicken Banana

Escape Barcelona

Escape World Barcelona

Target Macro Room Escape Barcelona Project

Encrypt Escape Room


We hope you get away in time!


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