Plans to leave your student apartment in Barcelona at Christmas

Plans to leave your student apartment in Barcelona at Christmas

Although those who have had the opportunity to program the success of studying in Barcelona, ​​reading that interesting article that we wrote for you, with tips and tricks, so as not to have to say no to a trip in this long-awaited holiday period. , now you have the opportunity to forget the books, the notes and even the computer, and enjoy some unforgettable days off to make leisure plans without stopping.

What plans can I make during these Christmas days if I am a student in Barcelona?

Stroll through the Christmas markets in Barcelona

Strolling through the streets of Barcelona means living the Christmas atmosphere of these endearing days, and if you go to their markets, you will find handmade gifts with a lot of charm, with which you can get a smile, your friends and family.

In the heart of the city, on the esplanade next to the Cathedral, year after year, you find the most famous market of all: the Santa Lucia Market. There are all the figurines of the manger, and all the Christmas decorations you can imagine to decorate your student flat in Barcelona. There are more than 200 stalls throughout the esplanade, and you can enjoy a very special atmosphere; near this market, in Plaza Catalunya, for some years now, a fair trade market has been set up that we invite you to visit as well, and a little further away from the center, we propose you another smaller market, almost of neighborhood, It is the Christmas Market of Sagrada Familia, in front of the west facade. Dare to walk from one to another, and during the walk, look up to enjoy the lights that you saw the city these days.

Enjoy the snow near Barcelona

A few weeks ago you took off your scarf, and that the gloves have become something you can not forget before leaving your student apartment in Barcelona, ​​and that means that the first snowfalls of the season have already fallen in the nearby mountains to the city of Barcelona. Do not forget to get closer to enjoy the snowy landscape, organizing a trip by train to the ski resorts of the Catalan Pyrenees. Baqueira-Beret, in the beautiful Aran Valley of Lleida, La Molina-Masella in the Cerdanya Valley, are the ones with more snow these days and those closest to Barcelona. If you do not like to ski, we suggest you get closer to the Vall de Núria: a magical place to walk through the snow and enjoy the winter landscape.

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