Practice an alternative sport in Barcelona

Now with the pandemic we are experiencing due to COVID-19, many people are looking for outdoor sports where they feel safer from infection. Is this your case?

There are priority outdoor sports like soccer, but the truth is that most of the sports that are played outdoors are considered alternative sports.

In this article we will tell you what some of the alternative sports are and where you can practice them in Barcelona in your free time.


Skateboarding is an outdoor sport, and Barcelona is one of the cities where you will see more skateboarders in the streets, but you have to keep in mind that skateboarding in Barcelona is considered an extreme sport, so the police are authorized to fine people who practice this sport in the street and endanger the lives of others.

There are many places to practice this sport in the city:

  • Agora BDN.
  • PlaçadelsÀngels (MACBA Square)
  • Skate Park in Les Corts.
  • Skatepark de la Mar Bella.
  • Plaza delsPaïsos Catalans (Sants Station Square)
  • Parc del Fòrum.


It is an unknown sport 10 years ago in Spain. But since the success of the Olympic athlete Carolina Marín in this sport, she has encouraged many people to practice it and the sport has not stopped growing in Spain.

The La Mar Bella Pavilion, was the venue for badminton matches in our Olympic Games in 1992 and is now a multisport Municipal Complex that continues to be an institution of badminton in our country. In Barcelona there are two centers where you can learn to play badminton and that complement each other: La Mar Bella and INEF, and as we said before, in recent years, there has been an important evolution and now there is a real need for people who want to practice badminton, so they are creating more infrastructure for their practice.

Urban Trail Running

This is the adaptation of trail running to big cities. This type of sport is practiced by people who love to run in difficult places, but don't have time to go to the mountains of Barcelona to practice it.

If you dare to practice this sport, not only is resistance necessary, but it is also necessary to adopt a technique to avoid injuries. You have to take into account that you are going through places where the terrain is very uneven.

The urban adaptation manages to maintain the essence of the effort to do it and you pass through places where it will be difficult to walk.

Colla Castellera

It is a sport born in Catalonia, which tries through effort and solidarity and help, to form a tower only made of people. That tower is usually about 6 floors, but when the technique is improved it can be up to 9 or 10 floors.

It is one of the alternative sports that has expanded even outside Spain. There are places like Australia, China, Chile or Argentina where this sport is practiced.

In short, in Barcelona you can not only practice sports that everybody does, like soccer or basketball, the good weather during almost the whole year allows you to practice alternative sports outdoors with your fellow students in your student apartment.

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