Practice your regular hobbies in your new university life in Barcelona

With the new stage of university student ahead of you, you may have thought that you will not have the time to dedicate yourself to your hobbies. A time of change is before you: new friends, adapting to a new life in the student residence, getting to know a new city, these may be changes that generate some stress or anxiety. That is why it is important that you try to maintain those activities that help you relax and connect with who you are.

The hobbies that we habitually practice sleep part of our personality and provide us with resources applicable to our personal and professional lives. Therefore, it is important that when you make a life change as important as changing cities to go to study a university degree or higher studies, you maintain those hobbies that have made you who you are and that will help you build your new future.

In addition, you have to bear in mind that some of the hobbies that you have been developing throughout your life and that you practice, in addition to making you have a good time, will serve you during your university stage and will even benefit your curriculum.

Practicing a hobby is likely to break your daily class routine, which is very healthy for your mental health. Dedicating time to fun and entertainment will help you to be more relaxed and to break with the sedentary lifestyle typical of study and work peaks.

Depending on what you want to study, some hobbies can become career opportunities or help to enhance your professional development. For example, through theater you can get rid of shame and enhance communication skills.

By practicing your hobbies you are helping to improve your social relationships, since sharing likes with one of your university residence colleagues will help you to establish conversations more easily. In addition, you develop development and entrepreneurship capacities.

Hobbies related to sports in many cases require competition. However, this healthy competition helps foster creativity and increase the quality of what you have to do. In addition, they improve retention and brain function.

Whatever your hobby, sports, cinema, reading, theater, painting... in addition to providing you with motivation and discipline to achieve your goals, they will also help you to fully experience your university stage. Reflecting your achievements in everything you set out to do in your life will also help you find a job that you like, since few things are valued more by recruiters than candidates who pursue and persevere in their goals, both personal and professional.

Do you already know what are the hobbies of your new classmates from your student residence? You may be surprised to discover unknown hobbies, or you can even find companions to do your favorite activities.

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