Put on the apron and learn how to make “torrijas” !!

Put on the apron and learn how to make “torrijas” !!

It is important that you know, that you can also find them in almost all the bakeries of the city these days; you will find some really delicious, but it will never be the same as making them yourself.

The following ingredients are needed (for 24 “torrijas”):
2 loaves of bread special for “torrijas”
2 liters of whole milk
6 tablespoons of sugar
Cinnamon sticks
Ground or powdered cinnamon
6 eggs
1 orange
Sunflower oil

You have to cut special bread rolls for sliced “​​torrijas” (usually this bread comes with the mark already of each slice and is very easy to cut them with the same size); this bread is usually more fluffy than a normal loaf of bread, although you can also use regular bread loaves two days before, which is hard.
The next thing is to put in a saucepan the two liters of whole milk to cook with two sprigs of cinnamon and the shell of an orange. Once it has boiled, lower the heat and let it cool, and when it is cold, soak the slices of bread with this mixture and put them in a drainer.
Now you must beat the 6 eggs and re-soak the”torrijas” with this mixture.
In parallel, you must have prepared a pan with the hot sunflower oil in which you fry the “torrijas” that have already drained and you have soaked in the eggs beaten.
When the “torrijas” have that golden color, you will have to remove them from the pan and it is only left to deposit them in a tray and to sprinkle sugar and ground cinnamon, to the taste of each, above them.

What is one of the easiest recipes you have read? She is also one of the richest.

Put on the apron and gather your classmates from your student apartment in Barcelona. Prepare to taste your first homemade “torrijas”!

Bon appetit!

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