Renting a flat vs. sharing a flat

Renting a flat vs. sharing a flat

If the time has come to start university and you are going to do it in a city different from yours, you will be thinking, among many other things, which type of accommodation for students in Barcelona is the best option for this new university stage, and you will ask yourself questions such as, is it better to live alone or share an apartment? Which accommodation options for university students exist in Barcelona? which one best suits my needs? 

These questions are common for students who have to move to another city to study at the university. 

And as in all things in life, any option has its advantages and disadvantages. Without a doubt, as managers of student flats in Barcelona, we believe in the advantages of sharing a student flat, and we are going to tell you about them. 


Sharing a flat means fighting loneliness. For a student who arrives in a new city, where he has no family or friends nearby, being surrounded by other students in the same situation is a great relief. These become your new family and will be the key to facilitate your integration in this new stage. You will be able to get to know the city together, make leisure plans, ask questions about your studies, travel, etc... 


The main advantage of sharing a student flat in Barcelona is the saving of expenses compared to living alone. Many university students combine their studies at the university with a part-time job to pay for their accommodation in the new city. If this is your case, and you don't want to leave most of your salary in a rent, we encourage you to visit our student flats in Barcelona and choose the one you like best or that best suits your needs. But there are more savings, and that's time saving, as cleaning is included, and you will be able to devote more time to your studies and your leisure plans. 


Our student flats in Barcelona have a cosmopolitan atmosphere and this will allow you to share an apartment with international students; this will allow you to get to know other cultures, new dishes, customs and even practice languages... and for free! 


When you find the roommates of your dreams, the fun is assured and you'll live a lot of stories you can't stop telling every time you come home and see your lifelong friends - although we can't promise that you'll always find the dream roommates! 


Sharing a flat with other students from the same or a different country will make you grow or mature as a person. You will have to learn to share, to live together, to be more patient and tolerant and respectful of others, but above all to be more independent. 

For all these reasons and many others, we encourage you to take a look at our student flats in Barcelona and choose the one that will be your future home during next year.

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