Requirements to find your first job in Spain as a non-EU foreign student

Requirements to find your first job in Spain as a non-EU foreign student

Until the month of August 2018, for a foreign student to change his status from stay to residence, he had to meet a series of requirements that were sometimes very complicated to fulfill, and this hindered the possibility of getting his first job and develop professionally In our country.


The requirements for the modification of the situation of stay for studies of a foreign student in Barcelona, ​​to the residence and work, according to the Immigration Regulations were:


  1. Have been in Spain for at least 3 years with an authorization to stay for studies.


  1. Having successfully completed the studies, or concluded the research work or the corresponding practices.


  1. Not having been a beneficiary of a scholarship or subsidized by public or private organizations in cooperation or development programs, Spanish or from the country of origin of the foreign student.

What happened until the entry into force of the changes at the end of last year, is that the majority of foreign students did not meet the first requirement, that of having stayed in Spain for at least 3 years. This is the case of all international students, who come to Spain to take a Master's degree, which usually lasts 1 or 2 years, at most.


These changes have expanded the possibilities of work for international students and a new rule of law has come into force, with more possibilities and facilities for international students to change their stay status to a residence permit that allows them to search and find their first employment in Spain:


The new requirements are the following:


1.- Obtain the residence permit for the job search or to start a business project. The most notable change is that it is the foreign student himself who can request such authorization.


The residence will be granted for a maximum duration of 12 months and will be granted to those who have finished their studies at the undergraduate or higher level (Master, Doctorate, etc ...)



  • Have obtained the degree or certificate of higher education or other proof of official qualification.
  • Have a private medical insurance in Spain.
  • Have economic means.


  1. Obtain the residence authorization to accept an internship contract. In this case, the authorization must be requested by the interested businessman.


This authorization can be obtained by foreign students who have obtained a higher education degree in the two years prior to the application date, or foreign students who have studied to obtain a higher education degree in Spain or abroad.



  • That you have signed an internship agreement with a company
  • That the internships take place in the same academic field and at the same level of qualification as the higher education degree or the study program carried out.
  • That the foreign student has a private health insurance and sufficient financial means during his / her residency
  • That the foreign student lacks a criminal record in the previous countries of residence during the last 5 years.
  • That the foreign student practices regularly in Spain.


In the immigration portal of the Ministry of Labor, Migrations and Social Security you will find all the regulations regarding the requirements to find your first job in Spain being a foreigner, and in addition, you will be able to download all the necessary documentation and procedures and in our student flats in Barcelona will find a place to feel at home.




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