Rules for living together in a shared flat in Barcelona

Rules for living together in a shared flat in Barcelona

Searching for a shared flat in Barcelona is not easy, and once you have found it, you have the added complication of getting along with your classmates and maintaining a good coexistence.

In order to make finding a flat in Barcelona an easy task, so that you have colleagues who are at the same stage and so that you feel at home, from our shared flats for students in Barcelona, we have designed the following rules of coexistence that you must know, as they are obligatory.

  1. It is not allowed to live with animals or plants.
  2. Smoking is totally forbidden inside the house and in the rooms.

Smoking is only allowed on the balcony, always throwing cigarette butts in an ashtray, except in Robrenyo, which is an exclusive building for non-students.

  1. According to the Regulations of the Generalitat de Catalunya and for your safety it is not allowed to light candles or incense in the house or in the rooms.
  2. Stoves, stoves or other appliances may not be used in the rooms, and the tenant shall bear any objective responsibility that may arise from their use. It is forbidden to install air-conditioning units in addition to those already on the floor.
  3. No parties may be held, and the entry, consumption and trafficking of narcotic or illegal substances within any room of the dwelling, as well as stairs, landing, doorway and access to the property, are prohibited. If this rule is breached, the student must pay the amount of 300 € per person at the party.
  4. The introduction or storage of any kind of dangerous or inflammable material is not allowed.
  5. The lessee will be exclusively responsible for the use of the internet service, committing to make appropriate use of it. Otherwise the property will be entitled to interrupt the service and provide the relevant authorities with the personal data requested about those responsible.
  6. Respect the hours of operation of the kitchen, washing machine and dryer.
  7. Out of respect for the rest of other tenants, from 22 hours must cease any noise that may disturb the rest of others, as well as the rest of neighbors.
  8. It is forbidden to spend the night in the home of any person without a contract. The responsibility will fall on the owner or owners of the room. The tenant is responsible not only for his own acts, but also for the acts of those who invite or introduce into the apartment, without in any case being authorized to spend the night in the same without authorization from the landlord.
  9. All common areas and rooms will be cared for and respected. All common areas shall be kept tidy.
  10. It is forbidden to store bicycles in the dwelling.
  11. Garbage must be disposed of daily in the containers set up throughout the city.
  12. The cleaning of both the room and the flat takes place once a week (except holidays). If the room does not meet minimum conditions to be cleaned, there will be no cleaning service. Similarly, kitchen utensils must be cleaned by the student after use. Weekly cleaning is obligatory, so access to the cleaning staff must be facilitated on the day and time stipulated.
  13. During the night, all lights in the common areas will be switched off.

The list continues and must be signed by all students who choose our student flats in Barcelona to live in. You can consult the complete list here.

Learning to live in harmony is part of your independence!

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